Forming Analysis


Our Forming Analysis Laboratory Services located in Detroit MI offers:

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Samples can be ‘over-nighted’ or ‘expedited’ to our lab.

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Services Provided

  • Circle Grid / Thickness Strain
  • FLD Analysis
  • Process Analysis


  • Soft Tool Tryouts – Material Selection
  • Hard Tool Tryouts / Die Buy Off
  • In-Plant Pre-Production Trials
  • Problem solving on breakage or problem parts
  • Cost saving activities

ThyssenKrupp forming specialists have years of experience working with our customers performing Circle Grid and Thinning Strain Analysis in the areas of new part development and problem solving on ‘difficult’ parts. Working closely with our customers, we have extensive experience with all major OEM’s ESI / FLD and new product launch procedures.

A quality part depends upon design, all material properties and press parameters. Our specialists can assist you in verification, problem solving or cost savings by performing an analysis of the particular part, material and process.


The Forming Limit Curve (FLC) is the Locus of points which describes the material strain limits at the onset of failure (necking).

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