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NEW! TK-AC Mirror
You asked for, so we made it happen! This highly unique mirror material is a UL 94 V-0 rated product. Even more importantly TK-AC Mirror specifically meets or exceeds the aerospace specification of FAR 25.853 as well as other transportation specifications making it the choice for aerospace, aircraft, automotive, rail...anywhere mirror is needed for lavatories or other areas. If you've been using more traditional options like reflective metal materials you will be amazed at the differences this new polycarbonate material has.
TK-AC is easy to work with and can be fabricated on-site giving you maximum control over the finished fit and it allows you to be entirely creative
· More durable than traditional mirror materials
· More reflective than reflective metal materials and the reflection is more accurate with less distortion
· Excellent performance
· Meets FAR 25.853 criteria
TK-AC mirror is a polycarbonte that features a proprietary coating that gives the material:
· Extraordinary longevity
· Glass-like clarity
· Reflective qualities like no-other
The AIN Advantage - Delivering Quality you can trust!
Each TK-AC Mirror has been tested by licensed DER/FAA Certified Test Labs before you receive it from us. All TK-AC polycarbonate mirror is batch and lot certified so you can buy with confidence.
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