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Coil - CR5 Cold Roll EDDS Steel

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Item #Item NameThicknessWidthIDODFinishSurfaceMaster material sizeText 1
CAFLR100161HG CR5 CL (.056 MIN) x 22.8346 500.05622.83462472n/a50/50not master coilMIN
CAFLR85956HG CR5 CL (.028 MIN) x 23.23 G400.02823.232472n/aG40not master coilMIN
CAFLR85964HG CR5 CL (.028 MIN) x 46.8504 G400.02846.8504n/an/an/aG40master coilMIN
CAFLR89076HG CR5 CL (.0315 MIN) x 47.5 U 600.031547.5n/an/aUnexposed60/60master coilMIN
CAFLR89764HG CR5 CL (.029 MIN) x 39.37 U G400.02939.37n/an/aUnexposedG40master coilMIN
CAFLR89907HG CR5 CL (.029 MIN) x 39.37 U G400.02939.372472UnexposedG40not master coilMIN
CAFLR95727HG CR5 CL (.0256MIN) x 52.38 U 500.025652.38n/an/aUnexposed50/50master coilMIN
CAFLR95728HG CR5 CL (.0256MIN) x 42.52 U 500.025642.52n/an/aUnexposed50/50master coilMIN
CAFLR95729HG CR5 CL (.0374 MIN) x 48.91 U 500.037448.91n/an/aUnexposed50/50master coilMIN
CAFLR95730HG CR5 CL (.0602 MIN) x 51.59 U 500.060251.59n/an/aUnexposed50/50master coilMIN
CAFLR95731HG CR5 CL (.0602 MIN) x 42.20 U 500.060242.2n/an/aUnexposed50/50master coilMIN
CAFLR95775HG CR5 CL (.0256 MIN) x 16.065 U 500.025616.0652472Unexposed50/50not master coilMIN
CAFLR95776HG CR5 CL (.0374 MIN) x 6.93 U 500.03746.932472Unexposed50/50not master coilMIN
CAFLR95777HG CR5 CL (.0602 MIN) x 25.5938 U 500.060225.59382472Unexposed50/50not master coilMIN
CAFLR95778HG CR5 CL (.0602 MIN) x 10.4344 U 500.060210.43442472Unexposed50/50not master coilMIN
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