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Coil - CR280 Cold Roll Bake Hard Stl

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Item #Item NameThicknessWidthIDODFinishSurfaceCorner TypeTemperMaster material sizeText 3Text 1
CAFLR100133HG CR280B CL (.0295 MIN) x 45.374 U 500.029545.3742472Unexposed50/50n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR100134HG CR280B CL (.0295 MIN) x 52.756 U 500.029552.7562472Unexposed50/50n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR100223HG CR280B CL(.0681 MIN)x51.6929 U G50 CE0.068151.6929n/an/aUnexposed50/50Cut EdgeTemper Passedmaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR100771HG CR280B CL (.045 MIN) x 27.559 U G400.04527.5592472UnexposedG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR19234HG CR280B CL (.068 MIN) x 34.30.06834.32472n/an/an/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR45702HG CR280B CL (.057 MIN) x 25.866 U 500.05725.8662472Unexposed50/50n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR48206HG CR280B CL (.057 MIN) x 12.598 U 500.05712.5982472Unexposed50/50n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR59395HG CR280B CL (.0374 MIN) x 24.016 U 500.037424.0162472Unexposed50/50n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR69563HG CR280B CL (.047 NOM) x 19.290.04719.292472n/an/an/an/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR76291CR CR280B CL (.0393 NOM) x 16.93 CO0.039316.93n/an/an/an/an/an/amaster coilCUST OWNED - SCMPNOM
CAFLR83193HG CR280B CL (.0475 NOM) x 38.11 50 CO0.047538.112472n/a50/50n/an/anot master coilCUST OWNED - GESTAMPNOM
CAFLR84716HG CR280B CL (.059 NOM) x 12.44 50 CO0.05912.442472n/a50/50n/an/anot master coilCUST OWNED - LSP AUTONOM
CAFLR84860CR CR280B CL (.0591 NOM)x 12.44 U 50 CO0.059112.44n/an/aUnexposed50/50n/an/amaster coilCUST OWNED - GESTAMPNOM
CAFLR84911CR CR280B CL .0512 NOM x 29.21 U 50 CO0.051229.212472Unexposed50/50n/an/anot master coilCUST OWNED - GESTAMPNOM
CAFLR86631HG CR280B CL (.0374 MIN) x 61.202 G40MS0.037461.202n/an/an/aG40 Min Spanglen/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86632HG CR280B CL (.0449 MIN) x 54.921 G400.044954.921n/an/an/aG40n/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86633HG CR280B CL (.0567MIN) x 49.32 G40MS0.056749.32n/an/an/aG40 Min Spanglen/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86635HG CR280B CL (.0681 MIN) x 61 G40MS0.068161n/an/an/aG40 Min Spanglen/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86636HG CR280B CL(.0748 MIN) x 57.43 G40MS TP0.074857.43n/an/an/aG40 Min Spanglen/aTemper Passedmaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86639HG CR280B CL (.0449 MIN) x 65.854 G40MS0.044965.854n/an/an/aG40 Min Spanglen/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86681HG CR280B CL (.0295 MIN) x 46.642 G400.029546.642n/an/an/aG40n/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86684HG CR280B CL (.0449 MIN) x 60.74 G40MS0.044960.74n/an/an/aG40 Min Spanglen/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86685HG CR280B CL (.045 MIN) x 52.756 U 500.04552.756n/an/aUnexposed50/50n/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86689HG CR280B CL (.0602 MIN) x 47.39 G40MS0.060247.39n/an/an/aG40 Min Spanglen/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86692HG CR280B CL (.028 NOM) x 61.542 G400.02861.542n/an/an/aG40n/an/amaster coiln/aNOM
CAFLR86694HG CR280B CL (.0567 MIN) x 53.807 G400.056753.807n/an/an/aG40n/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86695HG CR280B CL (.0567 MIN) x 50.658 G40MS0.056750.658n/an/an/aG40 Min Spanglen/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86944HG CR280B CL (.0276 NOM) x 30.51 G400.027630.512472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR86945HG CR280B CL (.0295 MIN) x 23.07 G400.029523.072472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86946HG CR280B CL (.0374 MIN) x 22.05 G400.037422.052472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86948HG CR280B CL (.0374 MIN) x 15 G400.0374152472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86949HG CR280B CL (.037 MIN) x 15.2 G400.03715.22472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86950HG CR280B CL (.037 MIN) x 29.96 G400.03729.962472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86951HG CR280B CL (.037 NOM) x 20.28 G400.03720.282472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR86953HG CR280B CL (.0449 MIN) x 32.68 G400.044932.682472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86954HG CR280B CL (.044 MIN) x 7.56 G400.0447.562472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86955HG CR280B CL (.0449 MIN) x 10.75 G400.044910.752472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86956HG CR280B CL (.0449 MIN) x 12.48 G400.044912.482472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86957HG CR280B CL (.044 MIN) x 15.37 G400.04415.372472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86958HG CR280B CL (.0449 MIN) x 20.079 G400.044920.0792472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86960HG CR280B CL (.0449 MIN) x 29.72 G400.044929.722472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86964HG CR280B CL (.0528 MIN) x 9.76 G400.05289.762472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86965HG CR280B CL (.0551 MIN) x 16.54 G400.055116.542472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86966HG CR280B CL (.0567 MIN) x 14.96 G400.056714.962472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86967HG CR280B CL (.0567 MIN) x 15.75 G400.056715.752472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86968HG CR280B CL (.056 MIN) x 17.56 G400.05617.562472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86969HG CR280B CL (.056 MIN) x 18.19 G400.05618.192472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86970HG CR280B CL (.056 MIN) x 25.08 G400.05625.082472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86971HG CR280B CL (.056 MIN) x 4.72 G400.0564.722472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86973HG CR280B CL (.0567 MIN) x 24.41 G400.056724.412472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86974HG CR280B CL (.0567 MIN) x 4.21 G400.05674.212472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86975HG CR280B CL (.060 MIN) x 15.63 G400.0615.632472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86976HG CR280B CL (.068 MIN) x 11.772 G400.06811.7722472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86977HG CR280B CL (.0681 MIN) x 12.09 G400.068112.092472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86978HG CR280B CL (.0681 MIN) x 11.496 G400.068111.4962472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86979HG CR280B CL (.0748 MIN) x 6.06 G400.07486.062472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86980HG CR280B CL (.074 MIN) x 9.25 G400.0749.252472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86981HG CR280B CL (.0748 MIN) x 12.99 G400.074812.992472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86982HG CR280B CL (.074 MIN) x 21.97 G400.07421.972472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86983HG CR280B CL (.037 MIN) x 17.32 G400.03717.322472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86985HG CR280B CL (.0567 MIN) x 11.02 G400.056711.022472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86986HG CR280B CL (.068 MIN) x 6.77 G400.0686.772472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87750HG CR280B CL (.0374 MIN) x 11.378 G400.037411.3782472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87928HG CR280B CL (.0681 MIN) x 14.689 G400.068114.6892472n/aG40n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90258HG CR280B CL (.037 MIN) x 13.189 500.03713.1892472n/a50/50n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93609HG CR280B CL (.0571 MIN) x 52.14 U 500.057152.14n/an/aUnexposed50/50n/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93610HG CR280B CL (.0374 MIN) x 48.43 U 500.037448.43n/an/aUnexposed50/50n/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR94788HG CR280B CL(.0681 MIN) x 59.17 G40MS TP0.068159.17n/an/an/aG40 Min Spanglen/aTemper Passedmaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95496HG CR280B CL (.037 MIN) x 53.165 U 500.03753.165n/an/aUnexposed50/50n/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95866HG CR280B CL (.0275 NOM) x 62.599 G40 U0.027562.5992472UnexposedG40n/an/anot master coiln/aNOM
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