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Coil - CR250 Cold Roll Bake Hard Stl

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Item #Item NameThicknessWidthIDODFinishSurfaceTestingMaster material sizeText 3Text 1
CAFLR100078HG CR250B CL (.0295 MIN) x 50 U 500.029550n/an/aUnexposed50/50n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR100126HG CR250B CL (.037 MIN) x 59.46 U G400.03759.462472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR100162HG CR250B CL (.044 NOM) x 28.583 500.04428.5832472n/a50/50n/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR100163HG CR250B CL (.044 NOM) x 13.70 500.04413.72472n/a50/50n/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR100269HG CR250B CL (.095 MIN) x 45.4 U G400.09545.4n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR100325HG CR250B CL (.095 MIN) x 9 U G400.09592472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR100367HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 63.701 U G400.04563.701n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR100829HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 68.1102 U G400.04568.1102n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR100830HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 33.4646 U G400.04533.4646n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR41476HG CR250B CL (.0374 MIN) x 41.339 U 500.037441.3392472Unexposed50/50n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR46973HG CR250B CL (.0276 NOM) x 39.764 500.027639.7642472n/a50/50n/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR52866HG CR250B CL (.0276 NOM) x 47.244 U 500.027647.2442472Unexposed50/50n/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR56684HG CR250B CL (.0472 NOM) x 19.764 U 500.047219.7642472Unexposed50/50n/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR59394HG CR250B CL (.0374 MIN) x 10.401 U 500.037410.4012472Unexposed50/50n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR69541HG CR250B CL (.059 NOM) x 8.8 U G400.0598.82472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR69542HG CR250B CL (.063 NOM) x 20.87 G400.06320.872472n/aG40n/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR69562HG CR250B CL (.047 NOM) x 33.460.04733.462472n/an/an/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR69649HG CR250B CL (.0374 MIN) x 42.00 U 500.037442n/an/aUnexposed50/50n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR81693HG CR250B CL (.059 NOM) x 5.35 500.0595.352472n/a50/50n/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR82154HG CR250B CL (.031 NOM) x 5.55 500.0315.55n/an/an/a50/50n/amaster coiln/aNOM
CAFLR85180HG CR250B CL (.047 NOM) x 21.26 50 CO0.04721.262472n/a50/50n/anot master coilCUST OWNED - LSP AUTONOM
CAFLR85825HG CR250B CL (.047 MIN) x 61.92 G400.04761.92n/an/an/aG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR85953HG CR250B CL (.079 MIN) x 17.3228 G400.07917.32282472n/aG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR85972HG CR250B CL (.0787 NOM) x 52.46 G400.078752.46n/an/an/aG40n/amaster coiln/aNOM
CAFLR85992HG CR250B CL (.071 NOM) x 12.5980.07112.5982472n/an/an/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR86040HG CR250B CL (.071 NOM) x 14.40.07114.42472n/an/an/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR86066HG CR250B CL (.071 NOM) x 56.298 G400.07156.298n/an/an/aG40n/amaster coiln/aNOM
CAFLR86081HG CR250B CL (.0787 NOM) x 15.5 G400.078715.52472n/aG40n/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR86626HG CR250B CL (.028 NOM) x 38.03 G40 UL0.02838.03n/an/an/aG40Underwriters Laboratoriesmaster coiln/aNOM
CAFLR87494HG CR250B CL (.039 MIN) x 20.630.03920.632472n/an/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87568HG CR250B CL (.039 MIN) x 6.7 500.0396.72472n/a50/50n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87570HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 17.320.04517.322472n/an/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87586HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 13.39 G400.04513.392472n/aG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87696HG CR250B CL (.039 MIN) x 48.46 G400.03948.46n/an/an/aG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87977HG CR250B CL (.0276 NOM)x 47.244 50 CO0.027647.244n/an/an/a50/50n/amaster coilCUST OWNEDNOM
CAFLR89717HG CR250B CL (.028 NOM) x 70.24 U G400.02870.24n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aNOM
CAFLR89718HG CR250B CL (.029 MIN) x 51.98 U G400.02951.98n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89719HG CR250B CL (.029 MIN) x 65.56 U G400.02965.56n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89722HG CR250B CL (.037 MIN) x 57.98 U G400.03757.98n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89723HG CR250B CL (.037 MIN) x 59.46 U G400.03759.46n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89724HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 70.71 U G400.04570.71n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89725HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 60.24 U G400.04560.24n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89726HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 64.18 U G400.04564.18n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89728HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 48.04 U G400.04548.04n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89730HG CR250B CL (.057 MIN) x 49.22 U G400.05749.22n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89731HG CR250B CL (.057 MIN) x 54.73 U G400.05754.73n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89732HG CR250B CL (.057 MIN) x 61.59 U G400.05761.59n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89738HG CR250B CL (.068 MIN) x 58.67 U G400.06858.67n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89740HG CR250B CL (.076 MIN) x 46.9 U G400.07646.9n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89741HG CR250B CL (.076 MIN) x 55.52 U G400.07655.52n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89742HG CR250B CL (.095 MIN) x 45.7 U G400.09545.7n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89893HG CR250B CL (.028 NOM) x 29.528 U G400.02829.5282472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR89894HG CR250B CL (.028 NOM) x 40.315 U G400.02840.3152472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR89899HG CR250B CL (.029 MIN) x 8.976 U G400.0298.9762472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89900HG CR250B CL (.029 MIN) x 10.236 U G400.02910.2362472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89901HG CR250B CL (.029 MIN) x 24.409 U G400.02924.4092472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89902HG CR250B CL (.029 MIN) x 39.37 U G400.02939.372472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89903HG CR250B CL (.029 MIN) x 25.787 U G400.02925.7872472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89909HG CR250B CL (.033 MIN) x 47.244 U G400.03347.2442472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89914HG CR250B CL (.037 MIN) x 8.504 U G400.0378.5042472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89915HG CR250B CL (.037 MIN) x 12.992 U G400.03712.9922472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89916HG CR250B CL (.037 MIN) x 28.791 U G400.03728.7912472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89917HG CR250B CL (.037 MIN) x 29.528 U G400.03729.5282472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89925HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 7.008 U G400.0457.0082472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89926HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 17.402 U G400.04517.4022472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89927HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 34.173 U G400.04534.1732472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89928HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 36.142 U G400.04536.1422472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89929HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 8.268 U G400.0458.2682472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89930HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 16.929 U G400.04516.9292472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89931HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 29.92 U G400.04529.922472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89932HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 9.134 U G400.0459.1342472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89933HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 21.102 U G400.04521.1022472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89934HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 21.26 U G400.04521.262472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89935HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 9.606 U G400.0459.6062472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89936HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 10.236 U G400.04510.2362472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89937HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 37.402 U G400.04537.4022472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89949HG CR250B CL (.057 MIN) x 9.646 U G400.0579.6462472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89950HG CR250B CL (.057 MIN) x 13.78 U G400.05713.782472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89952HG CR250B CL (.057 MIN) x 14.803 U G400.05714.8032472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89953HG CR250B CL (.057 MIN) x 18.11 U G400.05718.112472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89954HG CR250B CL (.057 MIN) x 20.394 U G400.05720.3942472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89968HG CR250B CL (.068 MIN) x 7.323 U G400.0687.3232472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89969HG CR250B CL (.068 MIN) x 10.039 U G400.06810.0392472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89970HG CR250B CL (.068 MIN) x 29.134 U G400.06829.1342472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89974HG CR250B CL (.076 MIN) x 9.882 U G400.0769.8822472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89975HG CR250B CL (.076 MIN) x 15.512 U G400.07615.5122472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89976HG CR250B CL (.076 MIN) x 12.205 U G400.07612.2052472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89977HG CR250B CL (.076 MIN) x 6.22 U G400.0766.222472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89978HG CR250B CL (.076 MIN) x 11.024 U G400.07611.0242472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89979HG CR250B CL (.076 MIN) x 10.945 U G400.07610.9452472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89983HG CR250B CL (.095 MIN) x 9.055 U G400.0959.0552472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89989HG CR250B CL (.0374 MIN) x 2.68 500.03742.682472n/a50/50n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89990HG CR250B CL (.0374 MIN) x 16.93 500.037416.932472n/a50/50n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89991HG CR250B CL (.0374 MIN) x 20.47 500.037420.472472n/a50/50n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89992HG CR250B CL (.0374 MIN) x 15.94 500.037415.942472n/a50/50n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89993HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 7.48 500.0457.482472n/a50/50n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89994HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 10.63 500.04510.632472n/a50/50n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89995HG CR250B CL (.0295 MIN) x 8.35 500.02958.352472n/a50/50n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89996HG CR250B CL (.0295 MIN) x 11.61 500.029511.612472n/a50/50n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90030HG CR250B CL (.0334 MIN) x 67.36 U G400.033467.36n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90147HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 54.00 U G400.04554n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90184HG CR250B CL (.029 MIN) x 45 U G400.02945n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90185HG CR250B CL (.0295 MIN) x 50 U G400.0295502472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90186HG CR250B CL (.037 MIN) x 45.28 U G400.03745.28n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90187HG CR250B CL (.057 MIN) x 56.5 U G400.05756.5n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90188HG CR250B CL (.057 MIN) x 53.55 U G400.05753.55n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90205HG CR250B CL (.026 MIN) x 36.1 U G400.02636.12472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90206HG CR250B CL (.026 MIN) x 16.22 U G400.02616.222472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90207HG CR250B CL (.033 MIN) x 45 U G400.03345n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90208HG CR250B CL (.0295 MIN) x 22.24 U 500.029522.242472Unexposed50/50n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90210HG CR250B CL (.0295 MIN) x 15.827 U G400.029515.8272472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90211HG CR250B CL (.0295 MIN) x 23.622 U G400.029523.6222472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90215HG CR250B CL (.0374 MIN) x 14.96 U G400.037414.962472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90219HG CR250B CL (.057 MIN) x 17.95 U G400.05717.952472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90220HG CR250B CL (.057 MIN) x 18.11 U G400.05718.112472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90221HG CR250B CL (.057 MIN) x 18.7 U G400.05718.72472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90222HG CR250B CL (.057 MIN) x 17.717 U G400.05717.7172472UnexposedG40n/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93653HG CR250B CL (.028 NOM) x 72.6 U G400.02872.6n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aNOM
CAFLR94611HG CR250B CL (.028 NOM) x 40.315 U G400.02840.315n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aNOM
CAFLR95618HG CR250B CL (.045 MIN) x 47.638 U G400.04547.638n/an/aUnexposedG40n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95712HG CR250B CL (.0315 NOM) x 39.7688 U 500.031539.7688n/an/aUnexposed50/50n/amaster coiln/aNOM
CAFLR95713HG CR250B CL (.0374 MIN) x 49.07 U 500.037449.07n/an/aUnexposed50/50n/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95754HG CR250B CL (.0374 MIN) x 12.1669 U 500.037412.16692472Unexposed50/50n/anot master coiln/aMIN
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