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Coil - A36 CS Type B Steel

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Item #Item NameThicknessWidthIDODCorner TypeAlt. dimension specMaster material sizeText 3Text 1
CAFLR100527HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 18.000.238182472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR100692HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 29.930.23829.932472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR100803HP A36C CL (.220 MIN) x 30.2232472n/an/anot master coilSLIT MULTMIN
CAFLR58816HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 80.23882472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR74693HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 70.23872472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR77724HP A36C CL (.307 MIN) x 48 ME0.30748n/an/aMill Edgen/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR77771HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 120.238122472n/an/anot master coilREPASSMIN
CAFLR87509HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 1.580.2381.582472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87510HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 1.6530.2381.6532472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87511HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 1.980.2381.982472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87512HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 20.23822472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87513HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 2.1650.2382.1652472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87514HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 2.250.2382.252472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87515HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 2.50.2382.52472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87516HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 30.23832472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87518HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 4.190.2384.192472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87519HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 4.50.2384.52472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87522HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 60.23862472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87523HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 8.4850.2388.4852472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87525HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 11.50.23811.52472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87528HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 15.850.23815.852472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87530HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 15.960.23815.962472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87531HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 16.250.23816.252472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87532HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 22.80.23822.82472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87533HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 24.6250.23824.6252472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87534HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 29.50.23829.52472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87535HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 29.930.23829.932472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87580HP A36C CL 10G (.125 MIN) x 650.125652472n/a10 Gaugenot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87865HP A36C CL (.240 MIN) x 480.2448n/an/an/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87866HP A36C CL (.240 MIN) x 600.2460n/an/an/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87903HP A36C CL 10G (.125 MIN) x 480.12548n/an/an/a10 Gaugemaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87929HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 48.50.23848.5n/an/an/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR88512HP A36C CL (.368 MIN) x 1.50.3681.52472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89176HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 8.10.2388.12472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89580HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 3.6560.2383.6562472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90057HP A36C CL (.365 MIN) x 600.36560n/an/an/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90480HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 9.1250.2389.1252472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90602HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 28.380.23828.382472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90618HP A36C CL (.3125 NOM) x 4.2670.31254.2672472n/an/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR91732HP A36C CL (.307 MIN) x 54 ME0.30754n/an/aMill Edgen/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR91733HP A36C CL (.368 MIN) x 480.36848n/an/an/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR91797HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 6.9210.2386.9212472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93087HP A36C CL 10G (.1265 MIN) x 8.250.12658.252472n/a10 Gaugenot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93088HP A36C CL 10G (.1265 MIN) x 8.3750.12658.3752472n/a10 Gaugenot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93089HP A36C CL 10G (.1265 MIN) x 10.630.126510.632472n/a10 Gaugenot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93090HP A36C CL 10G (.1265 MIN) x 13.250.126513.252472n/a10 Gaugenot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93161HP A36C CL (.180 MIN) x 1.5750.181.5752472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93162HP A36C CL (.180 MIN) x master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93163HP A36C CL (.180 MIN) x 50.1852472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93164HP A36C CL (.180 MIN) x master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93165HP A36C CL (.180 MIN) x 11.750.1811.752472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93176HP A36C CL (.180 MIN) x 30.1250.1830.1252472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93209HP A36C CL (.365 MIN) x 6.9210.3656.9212472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93210HP A36C CL (.180 MIN) x 480.1848n/an/an/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93211HP A36C CL (.180 MIN) x 60.750.1860.75n/an/an/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93212HP A36C CL (.180 MIN) x 600.1860n/an/an/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93391HP A36C CL (.302 MIN) x 4.5280.3024.5282472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93392HP A36C CL (.302 MIN) x 600.30260n/an/an/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93685HP A36C CL (.180 MIN) x 3.750.183.752472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR94183HP A36C CL (.238 MIN) x 3.3750.2383.3752472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR94520HP A36C CL (.375 MIN) x 1.50.3751.52472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR94945HP A36C CL 11G (.112 MIN) x 13.3750.11213.3752472n/a11 Gaugenot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95309HP A36C CL 10G (.1265 MIN) x 5.750.12655.752472n/a10 Gaugenot master coiln/aMIN
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