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Coil - HSLA 420X Steel

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Item #Item NameThicknessWidthIDODFinishSurfaceMaster material sizeText 3Text 1
CAFLR100028HG 420X CL (.0335 MIN) x 49.291 500.033549.291n/an/an/a50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR100160HG 420X CL (.0748 MIN) x 13.78 500.074813.782472n/a50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR100263HG 420X CL (.0394 MIN) x 50.394 500.039450.3942472n/a50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR100690HG 420X CL (.0394 MIN) x 43.386 500.039443.3862472n/a50/50not master coil(1.00 MM MIN X 1102.00 MM)MIN
CAFLR100693HG 420X CL (.0295 MIN) x 37.992 U 500.029537.9922472Unexposed50/50not master coil(.75 MM MIN X 965 MM)MIN
CAFLR29202HG 420X CL (.0528 MIN) x 36.22 U 500.052836.222472Unexposed50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR34117HG 420X CL (.057 MIN) x 14 U 500.057142472Unexposed50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR35064HG 420X CL (.0567 MIN) x 8.858 U 500.05678.8582472Unexposed50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR46863HG 420X CL (.0602 MIN) x 15.354 U 500.060215.3542472Unexposed50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR53018HG 420X CL (.0567 MIN) x 10.039 U 500.056710.0392472Unexposed50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR53033HG 420X CL (.033 MIN) x 27.283 500.03327.2832472n/a50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR55975HG 420X CL (.033 MIN) x 24.212 500.03324.2122472n/a50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR68977HG 420X CL (.030 MIN) x 48.032 500.0348.032n/an/an/a50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR69532HG 420X CL (.029 MIN) x 33 500.02933n/an/an/a50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR69685HG 420X CL (.0748 MIN) x 48.83 500.074848.83n/an/an/a50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR69686HG 420X CL (.0394 MIN) x 50.394 U 500.039450.394n/an/aUnexposed50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR71002HG 420X CL (.0374 MIN) x 50.394 U 500.037450.394n/an/aUnexposed50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR80704HG 420X CL (.0567 MIN) x 57.165 U 500.056757.165n/an/aUnexposed50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR81870HG 420X CL (.0295 MIN) x 57.48 500.029557.48n/an/an/a50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR84696HG 420X CL (.047 NOM) x 46.692 50 CO0.04746.6922472n/a50/50not master coilCUST OWNED - LSP AUTONOM
CAFLR84769HG 420X CL (.0276 NOM) x 36.457 U 50 CO0.027636.4572472Unexposed50/50not master coilCUST OWNED - GESTAMPNOM
CAFLR84972HG 420X CL (.0432 NOM) x 35.827 U 50 CO0.043235.8272472Unexposed50/50not master coilCUST OWNED - LSP AUTONOM
CAFLR85188HG 420X CL (.0354 NOM) x 55 500.035455n/an/an/a50/50master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR85193HG 420X CL (.0472 NOM) x 47.24 500.047247.242472n/a50/50not master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR85194HG 420X CL (.060 MIN) x 67.96 U 500.0667.96n/an/aUnexposed50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR85245HG 420X CL (.0276 NOM) x 47.24 500.027647.24n/an/an/a50/50master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR86162HG 420X CL (.0315 NOM) x 55.18 500.031555.18n/an/an/a50/50master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR86510HP 420X CL (.078 NOM) x 58.50.07858.5n/an/an/an/amaster coiln/aNOM
CAFLR86511HP 420X CL (.078 NOM) x 14.48820.07814.48822472n/an/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR86512HP 420X CL (.078 NOM) x 17.32280.07817.32282472n/an/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR86513HP 420X CL (.078 NOM) x 11.53540.07811.53542472n/an/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR87122HG 420X CL (.0394 NOM) x 51.180.039451.18n/an/an/an/amaster coiln/aNOM
CAFLR87698HG 420X CL (.0295 MIN) x 33.8625 500.029533.86252472n/a50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87766HG 420X CL (.0433 NOM) x 47.24 500.043347.242472n/a50/50not master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR87969HG 420X CL (.0551 MIN) x 59.06 500.055159.06n/an/an/a50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR88022HG 420X CL (.039 NOM) x 15.437 50 CO0.03915.4372472n/a50/50not master coilCUST OWNED - LSP AUTONOM
CAFLR88043HG 420X CL (.047 NOM) x 60.781 50 CO0.04760.781n/an/an/a50/50master coilCUST OWNED - LSP AUTONOM
CAFLR88155HG 420X CL (.031 NOM) x 30.118 50 CO0.03130.118n/an/an/a50/50master coilCUST OWNED - LSP AUTONOM
CAFLR88695HG 420X CL (.0394 MIN) x 50.394 U 50 CO0.039450.3942472Unexposed50/50not master coilCUST OWNED - LSP AUTOMIN
CAFLR89745HG 420X CL (.060 MIN) x 66.15 U 500.0666.15n/an/aUnexposed50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89746HG 420X CL (.0569 MIN) x 67.96 U 500.056967.96n/an/aUnexposed50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89965HG 420X CL (.0569 MIN) x 32.874 U 500.056932.8742472Unexposed50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89966HG 420X CL (.0569 MIN) x 33.78 U 500.056933.782472Unexposed50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90145HG 420X CL (.060 MIN) x 16.75 U 500.0616.752472Unexposed50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90146HG 420X CL (.060 MIN) x 20.91 U 500.0620.912472Unexposed50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90306HG 420X CL (.0569 MIN) x 55.09 U 500.056955.09n/an/aUnexposed50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93606HG 420X CL (.0528 MIN) x 72.84 U 500.052872.84n/an/aUnexposed50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR93607HG 420X CL (.0449 MIN) x 39.488 U 500.044939.488n/an/aUnexposed50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95529HG 420X CL (.0394 MIN) x 43.386 U 500.039443.3862472Unexposed50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95722HG 420X CL (.0295 MIN) x 51.5813 500.029551.5813n/an/an/a50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95723HG 420X CL (.0335 MIN) x 49.23 500.033549.23n/an/an/a50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95724HG 420X CL (.0374 MIN) x 40.3594 500.037440.3594n/an/an/a50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95725HG 420X CL (.0374 MIN) x 52.38 500.037452.38n/an/an/a50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95726HG 420X CL (.0602 MIN) x 48.83 500.060248.83n/an/an/a50/50master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95768HG 420X CL (.0295 MIN) x 11.8913 500.029511.89132472n/a50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95769HG 420X CL (.0295 MIN) x 33.8625 500.029533.86252472n/a50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95770HG 420X CL (.0295 MIN) x 31.8938 500.029531.89382472n/a50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95771HG 420X CL (.0295 MIN) x 28.5075 500.029528.50752472n/a50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95772HG 420X CL (.0374 MIN) x 12.9938 500.037412.99382472n/a50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95773HG 420X CL (.0602 MIN) x 9.6863 500.06029.68632472n/a50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95774HG 420X CL (.0748 MIN) x 16.1438 500.074816.14382472n/a50/50not master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR95827HG 420X CL (.076 MIN) x 14.173 U 500.07614.1732472Unexposed50/50not master coiln/aMIN
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