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Coil - 1010 Modified CSB Steel

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Item #Item NameThicknessWidthIDODAlt. dimension specTemperMaster material sizeText 3Text 1
CAFLR100092CR 1010MC CL (.018 MIN) x .9380.0180.9382472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR100140CR 1010MC CL 16G (.058 MIN) x 6.250.0586.25247216 Gaugen/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR100167CR 1010MC CL 14G (.075 NOM) x 4.250.0754.25247214 Gaugen/anot master coiln/aNOM
CAFLR100168CR 1010MC CL 16G (.060 MIN) x Gaugen/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR100517CR 1010MC CL (.0185 MIN) x 1.6600.01851.662472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR85650CR 1010MC CL (.018 MIN) x 480.01848n/an/an/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR86846CR 1010MC CL (.0185 MIN) x 1.210.01851.212472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87880CR 1010MC CL (.018 MIN) x 1.5530.0181.5532472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR87932CR 1010MC CL (.0185 MIN) x 480.018548n/an/an/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR88832CR 1010MC CL (.018 MIN) x 1.4870.0181.4872472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89054CR 1010MC CL (.018 MIN) x 1.6630.0181.6632472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR89472CR 1010MC CL (.0185 NOM) x 360.018536n/an/an/an/amaster coiln/aNOM
CAFLR90490CR 1010MC CL (.0185 MIN) x 1.6480.01851.6482472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR90939CR 1010MC CL (.0185 MIN) x 1.1760.01851.1762472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR91175CR 1010MC CL 16G (.058 MIN) x 2.30.0582.3247216 Gaugen/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR91176CR 1010MC CL 20G (.035 MIN) x 2.95 QH0.0352.95247220 Gauge1/4 Hardnot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR92260CR 1010MC CL (.015 MIN) x 36 CO0.01536n/an/an/an/amaster coilCUST OWNED - BFCMIN
CAFLR92261CR 1010MC CL (.015 MIN) x 480.01548n/an/an/an/amaster coiln/aMIN
CAFLR92276CR 1010MC CL (.0185 MIN) x 1.4020.01851.4022472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR92323CR 1010MC CL (.0185 MIN) x 1.2930.01851.2932472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR92367CR 1010MC CL (.018 MIN) x 1.4020.0181.4022472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
CAFLR92461CR 1010MC CL (.014 MIN) x 1.332 CO0.0141.3322472n/an/anot master coilCUST OWNED - BFCMIN
CAFLR92900CR 1010MC CL (.014 MIN) x 1.3320.0141.3322472n/an/anot master coiln/aMIN
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