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All Categories  Tube - Hollow Bar - Aluminum Bronze C95400

Tube - Hollow Bar - Aluminum Bronze C95400

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Item #Item NameODIDManufacturing MethodRef weight per foot
CUTUB00005954 HB CTC 2 1.2521.25Continuous Cast7.58
CUTUB00073954 HB CTC 2.5 12.51Continuous Cast15
CUTUB00074954 HB CTC 4 2.7542.75Continuous Cast25.83
CUTUB00075954 HB CTC 4.25 34.253Continuous Cast28.17
CUTUB00082954 HB CTC 3.5 23.52Continuous Cast24.5
CUTUB00089954 HB CFC 11 8118Centrifugal Cast155.304
CUTUB00100954 HB CTC 3.75 2.753.752.75Continuous Cast20.83
CUTUB00101954 HB CTC 8 585Continuous Cast112.67
CUTUB00131954 HB CTC 1.75 0.751.750.75Continuous Cast7.5
CUTUB00147954 HB CTC 2.75 2.252.752.25Continuous Cast8.25
CUTUB00148954 HB CTC 2.25 1.752.251.75Continuous Cast6.67
CUTUB00150954 HB CTC 5.5 45.54Continuous Cast44.08
CUTUB00169954 HB CTC 3.5 13.51Continuous Cast31.33
CUTUB00170954 HB CTC 7 575Continuous Cast73.33
CUTUB00178954 HB CTC 2 121Continuous Cast8.92
CUTUB00180954 HB CTC 6 3.563.5Continuous Cast70.5
CUTUB00186954 HB CTC 2.75 1.52.751.5Continuous Cast15.42
CUTUB00187954 HB CTC 2.5 1.752.51.75Continuous Cast9.83
CUTUB00206954 HB CFC 10 7107Centrifugal Cast138.956
CUTUB00217954 HB CFC 10 6106Centrifugal Cast171.347
CUTUB00228954 HB CTC 8 686Continuous Cast93.58
CUTUB00234954 HB CTC 3.5 Cast28.67
CUTUB00244954 HB CTC 5 353Continuous Cast46.92
CUTUB00277954 HB CTC 3 1.531.5Continuous Cast19.25
CUTUB00279954 HB CTC 3.25 Cast14.25
CUTUB00280954 HB CTC 3.5 2.753.52.75Continuous Cast15.67
CUTUB00301954 HB CTC 1.75 1.251.751.25Continuous Cast5
CUTUB00307954 HB CTC 4 141Continuous Cast41.42
CUTUB00318954 HB CTC 4.5 Cast40.17
CUTUB00319954 HB CTC 2.75 22.752Continuous Cast11
CUTUB00320954 HB CTC 4 1.541.5Continuous Cast38.42
CUTUB00322954 HB CTC 6.5 Cast67.08
CUTUB00324954 HB CTC 3 2.532.5Continuous Cast9.17
CUTUB00339954 HB CTC 2.25 Cast10.42
CUTUB00345954 HB CTC 2.5 Cast11.92
CUTUB00349954 HB CTC 6 464Continuous Cast61.58
CUTUB00359954 HB CTC 2.375 22.3752Continuous Cast5.92
CUTUB00371954 HB CTC 5.5 25.52Continuous Cast74.58
CUTUB00372954 HB CTC 4.5 34.53Continuous Cast33.75
CUTUB00388954 HB CTC 5.5 Cast52.83
CUTUB00393954 HB CTC 3.5 Cast22.42
CUTUB00413954 HB CTC 4.5 Cast25.5
CUTUB00427954 HB CTC 6 363Continuous Cast78.17
CUTUB00434954 HB CTC 3.25 Cast22.82
CUTUB00466954 HB CTC 6 262Continuous Cast90.17
CUTUB00483954 HB CFC 8.5 Cast84.578
CUTUB00485954 HB CTC 7 373Continuous Cast112.5
CUTUB00492954 HB CTC 2.5 Cast13.58
CUTUB00534954 HB CFC 7.5 67.56Centrifugal Cast59.007
CUTUB00542954 HB CTC 5 252Continuous Cast59
CUTUB00545954 HB CTC 7 676Continuous Cast46.75
CUTUB00559954 HB CTC 6 565Continuous Cast39.83
CUTUB00573954 HB CTC 5 3.553.5Continuous Cast39.25
CUTUB00576954 HB CTC 1.25 0.751.250.75Continuous Cast3.33
CUTUB00578954 HB CTC 9 797Continuous Cast97.5
CUTUB00579954 HB CTC 3.5 Cast19.33
CUTUB00580954 HB CTC 5 454Continuous Cast30.25
CUTUB00582954 HB CTC 5.5 35.53Continuous Cast60.75
CUTUB00589954 HB CTC 6.5 56.55Continuous Cast56.33
CUTUB00590954 HB CTC 2 0.7520.75Continuous Cast9.75
CUTUB00608954 HB CTC 1.5 11.51Continuous Cast4.17
CUTUB00609954 HB CTC 4.75 3.754.753.75Continuous Cast26.42
CUTUB00610954 HB CTC 2 1.521.5Continuous Cast5.83
CUTUB00613954 HB CTC 1.5 0.751.50.75Continuous Cast5.25
CUTUB00624954 HB CTC 3.25 1.753.251.75Continuous Cast22.58
CUTUB00625954 HB CTC 4 3.2543.25Continuous Cast18.75
CUTUB00629954 HB CFC 11 9119Centrifugal Cast112.771
CUTUB00631954 HB CFC 12 9129Centrifugal Cast185.897
CUTUB00635954 HB CTC 5.5 Cast33.5
CUTUB00636954 HB CTC 7 474Continuous Cast95.33
CUTUB00782954 HB CTC 3 1.7531.75Continuous Cast17.25
CUTUB00789954 HB CTC 2.75 1.752.751.75Continuous Cast13.42
CUTUB00827954 HB CTC 3 2.2532.25Continuous Cast12.25
CUTUB00838954 HB CTC 2.25 Cast8.75
CUTUB00850954 HB CTC 3.75 33.753Continuous Cast17.08
CUTUB00851954 HB CTC 8 484Continuous Cast135.42
CUTUB00858954 HB CTC 4 3.543.5Continuous Cast13.92
CUTUB00883954 HB CTC 3.25 2.753.252.75Continuous Cast11.25
CUTUB00985954 HB CTC 4.25 Cast23.33
CUTUB00987954 HB CTC 4.25 Cast19.5
CUTUB00991954 HB CTC 3.5 33.53Continuous Cast12.17
CUTUB01003954 HB CTC 6.5 Cast43
CUTUB01004954 HB CTC 3 232Continuous Cast14.83
CUTUB01008954 HB CTC 4.5 24.52Continuous Cast45.17
CUTUB01010954 HB CTC 3.25 Cast17.5
CUTUB01032954 HB CTC 2.5 22.52Continuous Cast7.58
CUTUB01047954 HB CTC 4 242Continuous Cast34.42
CUTUB01050954 HB CTC 4 2.542.5Continuous Cast29.17
CUTUB01051954 HB CTC 5 2.552.5Continuous Cast53.5
CUTUB01056954 HB CTC 3.25 23.252Continuous Cast20.42
CUTUB01071954 HB CTC 4 343Continuous Cast22.5
CUTUB01198954 HB CTC 4.125 1.54.1251.5Continuous Cast40.25
CUTUB01219954 HB CTC 6.25 3.756.253.75Continuous Cast72.6
CUTUB01235954 HB CTC 6 2.562.5Continuous Cast84.917
CUTUB01237954 HB CTC 5 3.2553.25Continuous Cast43.3333
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