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Round - Aluminum Bronze C63000

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Item #Item NameTemperDiameterDiameter ToleranceRef weight per footTesting
CURD00140630 HR50 RD 0.375 (+-.002)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)0.375(+-.002)0.36n/a
CURD00149630 HR50 RD 0.505HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)0.505n/a0.6582n/a
CURD00160630 HR50 RD 1.625 (+-.004)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)1.625(+-.004)6.69n/a
CURD00218630 HR50 RD 1.1875 (+-.004)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)1.1875(+-.004)3.58n/a
CURD00230630 HR50 RD 0.75 (+-.003)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)0.75(+-.003)1.43n/a
CURD00234630 O20 RD 9 (+.125-0)O20 (Hot Forged and Annealed)9(+.125-0)207.65n/a
CURD00257630 HR50 RD 0.5625 (+-.003)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)0.5625(+-.003)0.81n/a
CURD00340630 O25 RD 4 (+-.031)O25 (Hot Rolled and Annealed)4(+-.031)40.56n/a
CURD00387630 O25 RD 5.5 (+-.031)O25 (Hot Rolled and Annealed)5.5(+-.031)78.0777n/a
CURD00388630 HR50 RD 1.5 (+-.004)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)1.5(+-.004)5.71n/a
CURD00389630 O25 RD 3.25 (+-.031)O25 (Hot Rolled and Annealed)3.25(+-.031)26.78n/a
CURD00399630 O20 RD 7 (+.125-0)O20 (Hot Forged and Annealed)7(+.125-0)125.6n/a
CURD00400630 O25 RD 3.5 (+-.031)O25 (Hot Rolled and Annealed)3.5(+-.031)31.06n/a
CURD00401630 HR50 RD 2.375 (+-.005)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)2.375(+-.005)14.3n/a
CURD00406630 O25 RD 4.5 (+-.031)O25 (Hot Rolled and Annealed)4.5(+-.031)51.34n/a
CURD00412630 HR50 RD 0.5 (+-.002)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)0.5(+-.002)0.64n/a
CURD00416630 HR50 RD 2 (+-.004)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)2(+-.004)10.14n/a
CURD00429630 O25 RD 6 (+-.031)O25 (Hot Rolled and Annealed)6(+-.031)91.95n/a
CURD00433630 O25 RD 3.75 (+-.031)O25 (Hot Rolled and Annealed)3.75(+-.031)35.65n/a
CURD00449630 HR50 RD 2.5 (+-.005)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)2.5(+-.005)15.85n/a
CURD00450630 HR50 RD 3 (+-.031)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)3(+-.031)23.13n/a
CURD00476630 HR50 RD 2.125 (+-.004)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)2.125(+-.004)11.45n/a
CURD00489630 HR50 RD 1.25 (+-.004)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)1.25(+-.004)3.97n/a
CURD00500630 HR50 RD 0.625 (+-.003)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)0.625(+-.003)0.99n/a
CURD00562630 HR50 RD 1.375 (+-.004)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)1.375(+-.004)4.91n/a
CURD00563630 HR50 RD 1.75 (+-.004)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)1.75(+-.004)7.77n/a
CURD00567630 HR50 RD 1.125 (+-.004)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)1.125(+-.004)3.21n/a
CURD00568630 O25 RD 5.25 (+-.031)O25 (Hot Rolled and Annealed)5.25(+-.031)70.41n/a
CURD00611630 O25 RD 5 (+-.031)O25 (Hot Rolled and Annealed)5(+-.031)63.38n/a
CURD00627630 O25 RD 4.25 (+-.031)O25 (Hot Rolled and Annealed)4.25(+-.031)45.79n/a
CURD00646630 HR50 RD 1.875 (+-.004)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)1.875(+-.004)8.98n/a
CURD00648630 HR50 RD 0.8125 (+-.003)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)0.8125(+-.003)1.67n/a
CURD00650630 HR50 RD 0.875 (+-.003)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)0.875(+-.003)1.94n/a
CURD00659630 HR50 RD 0.9375 (+-.003)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)0.9375(+-.003)2.25n/a
CURD00672630 HR50 RD 2.25 (+-.005)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)2.25(+-.005)12.84n/a
CURD00673630 HR50 RD 2.625 (+-.005)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)2.625(+-.005)17.6n/a
CURD00674630 HR50 RD 0.4375 (+-.002)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)0.4375(+-.002)0.49n/a
CURD00703630 HR50 RD 0.6875 (+-.003)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)0.6875(+-.003)1.21n/a
CURD00705630 HR50 RD 2.75 (+-.006)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)2.75(+-.006)19.18n/a
CURD00716630 O25 RD 6.5 (+-.031)O25 (Hot Rolled and Annealed)6.5(+-.031)109.11n/a
CURD00719630 O25 RD 3.625 (+-.031)O25 (Hot Rolled and Annealed)3.625(+-.031)33.917n/a
CURD00722630 HR50 RD 0.63HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)0.63n/a1.0244n/a
CURD00863630 O25 RD 4.75 (+-.031)O25 (Hot Rolled and Annealed)4.75(+-.031)58.2356n/a
CURD00984630 HR50 RD USI 1.25HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)1.25n/a4.0329USI Test
CURD01224630 HR50 RD 1 (+-.003)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)1(+-.003)2.54n/a
CURD01579630 O25 RD 5.75 (+-.031)O25 (Hot Rolled and Annealed)5.75(+-.031)85.744n/a
CURD01729630 HR50 RD 1.4375 (+-.004)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)1.4375(+-.004)6.29n/a
CURD01739630 HR50 RD 2.875 (+-.020)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)2.875(+-.020)21.49n/a
CURD01752630 HR50 RD 1.0625 (+-.003)HR50 (drawn & stress relieved)1.0625(+-.003)2.91n/a
CURD01762630 O20 RD 8 (+.125-0)O20 (Hot Forged and Annealed)8(+.125-0)125.6n/a
CURD01765630 TQ50 RD 3.25 (+-.031)TQ503.25(+-.031)27.27n/a
CURD01766630 TQ50 RD 3.5 (+-.031)TQ503.5(+-.031)31.63n/a
CURD01767630 TQ50 RD 3.75 (+-.031)TQ503.75(+-.031)36.31n/a
CURD01768630 TQ50 RD 4 (+-.031)TQ504(+-.031)41.31n/a
CURD01769630 TQ50 RD 4.25 (+-.031)TQ504.25(+-.031)46.64n/a
CURD01770630 TQ50 RD 4.5 (+-.031)TQ504.5(+-.031)52.29n/a
CURD01771630 TQ50 RD 4.75 (+-.031)TQ504.75(+-.031)58.26n/a
CURD01772630 TQ50 RD 5 (+-.031)TQ505(+-.031)64.55n/a
CURD01773630 TQ50 RD 5.25 (+-.031)TQ505.25(+-.031)71.17n/a
CURD01774630 TQ50 RD 5.5 (+-.031)TQ505.5(+-.031)78.11n/a
CURD01775630 TQ50 RD 5.75 (+-.031)TQ505.75(+-.031)85.38n/a
CURD01776630 TQ50 RD 6.5 (+-.031)TQ506.5(+-.031)109.11n/a
CURD01798630 HR50 RD 3 (+-.031) UTHR50 (drawn & stress relieved)3(+-.031)23.13UT
CURD01799630 HR50 RD 1.125 (+-.004) UTHR50 (drawn & stress relieved)1.125(+-.004)3.24UT
CURD01800630 HR50 RD 2.0 (+-.004) UTHR50 (drawn & stress relieved)2(+-.004)10.14UT
CURD01816630 HR50 RD 1.375 (+-.004) UTHR50 (drawn & stress relieved)1.375(+-.004)4.91UT
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