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All Categories  Tube - Pipe - Red Brass 85/15 C23000

Tube - Pipe - Red Brass 85/15 C23000

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Item #Item NameScheduleTemperNominal dimensionODOuter Diameter ToleranceThicknessThickness-ToleranceManufacturing MethodRef weight per foot
CUTUB00064230 H58 SPS PIP 1 1.315 0.126Standard Pipe SizeH58 (drawn-general purpose)1 Nominal1.315(+-.006)0.126(+-.007)n/a1.7848
CUTUB00458230 H58 SPS PIP 2.5 2.875 0.187Standard Pipe SizeH58 (drawn-general purpose)2.5 Nominal2.875n/a0.187n/an/a5.9882
CUTUB00533230 H58 SPS PIP .75 1.05 0.114Standard Pipe SizeH58 (drawn-general purpose)0.75 Nominal1.05n/a0.114n/an/a1.2712
CUTUB00569230 H58 SPS PIP 2 2.375 0.156Standard Pipe SizeH58 (drawn-general purpose)2 Nominal2.375n/a0.156n/an/a4.1239
CUTUB00612230 H80 EH PIP 2 2.375 0.221Extra Heavy PipeH80 (hard-drawn)2 Nominal2.375n/a0.221n/an/a5.6711
CUTUB00644230 H58 SPS PIP .375 0.675 0.09Standard Pipe SizeH58 (drawn-general purpose)0.375 Nominal0.675n/a0.09n/an/a0.6272
CUTUB00722230 H80 EH PIP 3 3.5 0.304Extra Heavy PipeH80 (hard-drawn)3 Nominal3.5n/a0.304n/an/a11.5747
CUTUB00747230 H80 EH PIP .5 0.84 0.149Extra Heavy PipeH80 (hard-drawn)0.5 Nominal0.84n/a0.149n/an/a1.2266
CUTUB00754230 H80 SPS PIP 4 4.5 0.25Standard Pipe SizeH80 (hard-drawn)4 Nominal4.5n/a0.25n/an/a12.6578
CUTUB00760230 H80 SPS PIP 2.5 2.875 0.187Standard Pipe SizeH80 (hard-drawn)2.5 Nominal2.875n/a0.187n/an/a5.9882
CUTUB00792230 H58 SPS PIP 1.5 1.9 0.15Standard Pipe SizeH58 (drawn-general purpose)1.5 Nominal1.9n/a0.15n/an/a3.1272
CUTUB00855230 H58 SPS PIP 1.25 1.66 0.146Standard Pipe SizeH58 (drawn-general purpose)1.25 Nominal1.66n/a0.146n/an/a2.6333
CUTUB00938230 H58 SPS PIP .5 0.84 0.107Standard Pipe SizeH58 (drawn-general purpose)0.5 Nominal0.84n/a0.107n/an/a0.9344
CUTUB00975230 H80 SPS PIP 3 3.5 0.219Standard Pipe SizeH80 (hard-drawn)3 Nominal3.5n/a0.219n/an/a8.5601
CUTUB01295230 O61 SCH40 PIP 1.25 1.66 0.146Schedule 40 PipeO61 (annealed)1.25 Nominal1.66n/a0.146n/an/a2.6333
CUTUB01296230 O61 SCH 40 PIP 1 1.315 .126Schedule 40 PipeO61 (annealed)1 Nominal1.315n/a0.126n/aSeamless1.7848
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