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Tube - Tube - 6063 Aluminum

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Item #Item NameTemperODOuter Diameter ToleranceThicknessThickness-ToleranceManufacturing MethodSurfaceRef weight per foot
ALTUB000106063 T5 TUB EXFL 4 0.188T54(+-.008)0.188(+-.006)Extruded Flutedn/a2.3416
ALTUB000196063 T52 EXT TUB 1.5 0.125T521.5n/a0.125n/aExtrudedn/a0.6285
ALTUB000326063 T6 EXT TUB 3 0.375T63n/a0.375n/aExtrudedn/a3.5998
ALTUB000416063 T5 TUB EXFL 5 0.188T55(+-.008)0.188(+-.006)Extruded Flutedn/a3.018
ALTUB000696063 T52 EXT TUB 6 0.125T526n/a0.125n/aExtrudedn/a2.6855
ALTUB000706063 T52 EXT TUB 3.5 0.125T523.5n/a0.125n/aExtrudedn/a1.5428
ALTUB000806063 T52 EXT TUB 3 0.125T523n/a0.125n/aExtrudedn/a1.3142
ALTUB000926063 T52 EXT TUB 4 0.125T524n/a0.125n/aExtrudedn/a1.7713
ALTUB001176063 T52 EXT TUB 5 0.125T525n/a0.125n/aExtrudedn/a2.2284
ALTUB001436063 T52 EXT TUB 4 0.188T524n/a0.188n/aExtrudedn/a2.6207
ALTUB001826063 T52 EXT TUB 3 0.188T523n/a0.188n/aExtrudedn/a1.9332
ALTUB001836063 T6 EXT TUB 3.25 .625T63.25n/a0.625n/aExtrudedn/a5.9996
ALTUB002236063 T6 EXT TUB 2.5 0.437T62.5n/a0.437n/aExtrudedn/a3.2968
ALTUB002276063 T832 TUB ANCL PTHL 0.75 0.049T8320.75n/a0.049n/aDrawn PortholeClear Anod0.13
ALTUB002286063 T832 TUB ANCL PTHL 0.875 0.049T8320.875n/a0.049n/aDrawn PortholeClear Anod0.152
ALTUB002346063 T832 TUB PTHL 0.825 0.101T8320.825n/a0.101n/aDrawn Portholen/a0.276
ALTUB002366063 T832 EXT ANCHC TUB 4.25 0.125T8324.25n/a0.125n/aExtrudedClear Hard Coat Anod1.8856
ALTUB002446063 T832 EXT ANCHC TUB 6.25 0.125T8326.25n/a0.125n/aExtrudedClear Hard Coat Anod2.6855
ALTUB002526063 T832 TUB PTHL 0.75 0.049T8320.75n/a0.049n/aDrawn Portholen/a0.13
ALTUB002606063 T832 TUB EXTDWNS 4.25 0.125T8324.25(+-.016)0.125(+.012-0)Extruded Drawn Seamlessn/a1.8856
ALTUB002626063 T832 EXT ANCHC TUB 1.255 0.065T8321.255n/a0.065n/aExtrudedClear Hard Coat Anod0.2829
ALTUB002696063 T832 EXT ANCHC TUB 2.75 0.125T8322.75n/a0.125n/aExtrudedClear Hard Coat Anod1.1999
ALTUB002726063 T832 EXT ANCHC TUB 2.25 0.125T8322.25n/a0.125n/aExtrudedClear Hard Coat Anod0.9714
ALTUB002786063 T832 EXT ANCHC TUB 1.75 0.125T8321.75n/a0.125n/aExtrudedClear Hard Coat Anod0.7428
ALTUB002846063 T5 TUB EXFL 3 0.125T53(+-.012)0.125(+-.006)Extruded Flutedn/a1.1851
ALTUB002896063 T6 EXT TUB 3.25 0.5T63.25n/a0.5n/aExtrudedn/a5.0282
ALTUB002976063 T6 EXT TUB 0.725 0.074T60.725n/a0.074n/aExtrudedn/a0.1762
ALTUB003136063 T832 TUB EXTDWNS 2.25 0.125T8322.25(+-.01)0.125(+.006-0)Extruded Drawn Seamlessn/a0.9714
ALTUB003266063 T6 TUB 6 1T66n/a1n/an/an/a18.2845
ALTUB003456063 T6 EXT TUB 3 0.1875T63n/a0.1875n/aExtrudedn/a1.9284
ALTUB003776063 T52 EXT TUB 2 0.125T522n/a0.125n/aExtrudedn/a0.8571
ALTUB003836063 T52 EXT TUB 2.5 0.125T522.5n/a0.125n/aExtrudedn/a1.0856
ALTUB004036063 T6 EXT TUB 8 0.125T68n/a0.125n/aExtrudedn/a3.5598
ALTUB004116063 T832 TUB PTHL 0.75 0.035T8320.75(+-.004)0.035(+-.002)Drawn Portholen/a0.0924
ALTUB004296063 T832 TUB PTHL 1.25 .07T8321.25n/a0.07n/aDrawn Portholen/a0.3021
ALTUB004386063 T52 EXT TUB 1.125 0.035T521.125n/a0.035n/aExtrudedn/a0.1395
ALTUB004506063 T5 TUB EXST 5 0.188T55n/a0.188n/aExtruded Structuraln/a3.334
ALTUB004516063 T4 TUB EXST 2.5 0.125T42.5(+-.030)0.125n/aExtruded Structuraln/a1.0856
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