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Rectangular - 6101 Aluminum

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Item #Item NameTemperThicknessThickness-ToleranceWidthWidth ToleranceCorner TypeManufacturing MethodSurfaceFinishRef weight per foot
ALREC000026101 T65 EXT REC FRE TIN .25 4T650.25(+-.008)4(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedBright1.15
ALREC000046101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .25 1.5T610.25(+-.008)1.5(+-.014)Full Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a0.4365
ALREC000166101 T61 EXT REC FRE TIN .25 1.25T610.25(+-.008)1.25(+-.012)Full Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a0.3638
ALREC000426101 T61 EXT REC FRE .5 6T610.5(+-.009)6(+-.044)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a3.492
ALREC000446101 T61 EXT REC FRE .25 .75T610.25(+-.008)0.75(+-.010)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.2183
ALREC000466101 T65 EXT REC FRE .25 4T650.25(+-.008)4(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.164
ALREC000566101 T65 EXT REC FRE .25 3T650.25(+-.008)3(+-.024)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.873
ALREC000726101 T61 EXT REC FRE .5 2T610.5(+-.009)2(+-.024)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.164
ALREC000736101 T61 EXT REC FRE .25 1.5T610.25(+-.008)1.5(+-.014)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.4365
ALREC000786101 T61 EXT REC FRE .5 4 120T610.5n/a4n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a2.328
ALREC000806101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .25 2T610.25(+-.008)2(+-.024)Full Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a0.582
ALREC000816101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .5 4T610.5(+-.009)4(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a2.328
ALREC001066101 T65 REC FRE EXT .25 1.625T650.25(+-.008)1.625(+-.014)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.4729
ALREC001116101 T65 EXT REC FRE TIN .248 4.5T650.248(+-.005)4.5n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a1.299
ALREC001256101 T65 EXT REC FRE .375 3T650.375n/a3n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.2743
ALREC001306101 T61P EXT REC SQE .375 8T61P0.375n/a8n/aSquare EdgeExtrudedn/an/a3.492
ALREC001456101 T61 EXT REC SQE .125 4T610.125n/a4n/aSquare EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.584
ALREC001526101 T65 EXT REC FRE TIN .25 3T650.25(+-.008)3(+-.024)Full Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedBright0.8791
ALREC001676101 T65 EXT REC FRE TIN .25 1.5T650.25(+-.008)1.5(+-.014)Full Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedBright0.4345
ALREC001686101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .25 6T610.25(+-.008)6(+-.044)Full Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a1.746
ALREC001696101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .375 5T610.375(+-.008)5(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a2.1825
ALREC002096101 T6511 EXT REC SQE 1.25 4.25T65111.25n/a4.25n/aSquare EdgeExtrudedn/an/a6.1838
ALREC002176101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .25 .75T610.25(+-.008)0.75(+-.010)Full Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a0.2183
ALREC002266101 T61 EXT REC FRE .25 4T610.25(+-.008)4(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.164
ALREC002696101 T61 EXT REC FRE .5 4T610.5(+-.009)4(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a2.328
ALREC002836101 T61 EXT REC SQE 1 4T611(+-.012)4(+-.034)Square EdgeExtrudedn/an/a4.656
ALREC003076101 T61 EXT REC FRE .25 2T610.25(+-.008)2(+-.024)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.582
ALREC003236101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .25 2.5T610.25(+-.008)2.5(+-.024)Full Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a0.7275
ALREC003246101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .25 4T610.25(+-.008)4(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a1.164
ALREC003256101 T61 EXT REC FRE .25 6T610.25(+-.008)6(+-.044)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.746
ALREC003316101 T61 EXT REC FRE .25 3T610.25(+-.008)3(+-.024)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.8574
ALREC003326101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .375 4T610.375(+-.008)4(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a1.746
ALREC003336101 T61 EXT REC FRE .375 1.5T610.375(+-.008)1.5(+-.014)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.6548
ALREC003376101 T61 EXT REC FRE .375 3T610.375(+-.008)3(+-.024)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.3095
ALREC003386101 T61 EXT REC FRE .75 4T610.75(+-.010)4(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a3.492
ALREC003396101 T61 EXT REC FRE .375 2T610.375(+-.008)2(+-.024)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.873
ALREC003526101 T65 EXT REC FRE .25 5.25T650.25n/a5.25n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.5278
ALREC003536101 T65 EXT REC 0.25 3.75T650.25n/a3.75n/an/aExtrudedn/an/a1.0912
ALREC003666101 T61 EXT REC FRE .25 5T610.25(+-.008)5(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.455
ALREC003696101 T65 EXT REC FRE .25 1T650.25(+-.008)1(+-.012)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.291
ALREC003806101 T61 EXT REC FRE .5 3T610.5(+-.009)3(+-.024)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.746
ALREC004466101 T65 EXT REC FRE .25 1.5T650.25(+-.008)1.5(+-.014)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.4365
ALREC004476101 T65 EXT REC FRE .25 8T650.25(+-.008)8(+-.054)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a2.328
ALREC004636101 T65 EXT REC FRE .125 1.5T650.125(+-.007)1.5(+-.014)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.2183
ALREC004656101 T65 EXT REC FRE .248 6T650.248n/a6n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.732
ALREC004666101 T65 EXT REC FRE .248 3.38T650.248n/a3.38n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.9836
ALREC005196101 T65 EXT REC FRE .5 4T650.5(+-.009)4(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a2.328
ALREC005216101 T61P EXT REC SQE TIN .375 8T61P0.375n/a8n/aSquare EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a3.492
ALREC005286101 T65 EXT REC FRE TIN .125 1T650.125n/a1n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a0.1455
ALREC005326101 T65 EXT REC FRE .125 1T650.125(+-.007)1(+-.012)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.1455
ALREC005386101 T63 EXT REC FRE .5 2T630.5(+-.009)2(+-.024)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.164
ALREC005446101 T61P EXT REC FRE .1875 1T61P0.1875n/a1n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.2183
ALREC005516101 T61P EXT REC SQE TIN .375 6T61P0.375n/a6n/aSquare EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a2.619
ALREC005526101 T65 EXT REC FRE .248 4.5T650.248(+-.005)4.5n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.299
ALREC005556101 T61P EXT REC SQE TIN .375 5T61P0.375n/a5n/aSquare EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a2.1825
ALREC005626101 T61P EXT REC FRE TIN .25 2T61P0.25n/a2n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a0.582
ALREC005656101 T61P EXT REC FRE TIN .25 4T61P0.25n/a4n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a1.164
ALREC005666101 T61P EXT REC FRE .25 4T61P0.25n/a4n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.164
ALREC005676101 T61P EXT REC FRE .25 2T61P0.25n/a2n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.582
ALREC005846101 T61 EXT REC FRE .375 5T610.375(+-.008)5(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a2.1825
ALREC005856101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .5 5T610.5(+-.009)5(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a2.91
ALREC005936101 T61P EXT REC FRE .25 6T61P0.25n/a6n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.746
ALREC005946101 T61P EXT REC FRE TIN .25 6T61P0.25n/a6n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a1.746
ALREC006026101 T61P EXT REC FRE TIN .25 5T61P0.25n/a5n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a1.455
ALREC006046101 T61P EXT REC FRE .25 5T61P0.25n/a5n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.455
ALREC006066101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .125 1T610.125n/a1n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a0.1455
ALREC006116101 T61P EXT REC FRE .125 1T61P0.125n/a1n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.1455
ALREC006176101 T61 EXT REC FRE .125 .75T610.125(+-.007)0.75(+-.010)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.1091
ALREC006216101 T61P EXT REC SQE .375 5T61P0.375n/a5n/aSquare EdgeExtrudedn/an/a2.1825
ALREC006246101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .5 6T610.5(+-.009)6(+-.044)Full Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a3.492
ALREC006336101 T61 EXT REC SQE .75 7.5T610.75n/a7.5n/aSquare EdgeExtrudedn/an/a6.5475
ALREC006376101 T61 EXT REC SQE 1 7.5T611n/a7.5n/aSquare EdgeExtrudedn/an/a8.73
ALREC006646101 T6 EXT REC SQE .375 2T60.375n/a2n/aSquare EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.873
ALREC006826101 T65 EXT REC FRE .375 3T650.375(+-.008)3(+-.024)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.3095
ALREC006876101 T6 EXT REC SQE .375 4T60.375n/a4n/aSquare EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.746
ALREC006966101 T61 EXT REC FRE .5 5T610.5(+-.009)5(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a2.91
ALREC006996101 T61 EXT REC SQE .187 4T610.187(+-.007)4(+-.034)Square EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.8707
ALREC007076101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .1875 1T610.1875n/a1n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a0.2183
ALREC007116101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .25 1T610.25(+-.008)1(+-.012)Full Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a0.291
ALREC007126101 T61 EXT REC FRE .375 6T610.375(+-.008)6(+-.044)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a2.619
ALREC007166101 T61 EXT REC SQE TIN .187 4T610.187n/a4n/aSquare EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a0.8706
ALREC007226101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .375 2T610.375(+-.008)2(+-.024)Full Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a0.873
ALREC007306101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .375 6T610.375(+-.008)6(+-.044)Full Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a2.619
ALREC007396101 T61P EXT REC SQE .375 6T61P0.375n/a6n/aSquare EdgeExtrudedn/an/a2.619
ALREC007426101 T65 EXT REC FRE .25 1.25T650.25(+-.008)1.25(+-.012)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.3638
ALREC007586101 T61 EXT REC SQE 1 5T611(+-.012)5(+-.034)Square EdgeExtrudedn/an/a5.82
ALREC007736101 T6511 EXT REC SQE 1.375 3.625T65111.375(+-.012)3.625(+-.034)Square EdgeExtrudedn/an/a5.8018
ALREC007816101 T61 EXT REC SQE TIN .125 4T610.125n/a4n/aSquare EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a0.582
ALREC007856101 T61 EXT REC FRE .25 1T610.25(+-.008)1(+-.012)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.291
ALREC007866101 T65 EXT REC FRE TIN .25 2T650.25(+-.008)2(+-.024)Full Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedBright0.5833
ALREC007926101 T65 EXT REC FRE .25 6T650.25(+-.008)6(+-.044)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.746
ALREC008106101 T65 EXT REC FRE TIN .25 6T650.25(+-.008)6(+-.044)Full Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedBright1.75
ALREC008256101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .25 5T610.25(+-.008)5(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a1.455
ALREC008326101 T61 EXT REC FRE .25 2.5T610.25(+-.008)2.5(+-.024)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.7275
ALREC008406101 T65 EXT REC FRE TIN .25 5T650.25(+-.008)5(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedBright1.4285
ALREC008426101 T61 EXT REC FRE A80 .25 3T610.25(+-.008)3(+-.024)Full Round EdgeExtrudedAlstan80 Platedn/a0.873
ALREC008586101 T65 EXT REC FRE TIN .25 5.25T650.25n/a5.25n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a1.5278
ALREC008646101 T61 EXT REC FRE .375 4T610.375(+-.008)4(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.746
ALREC008866101 T65 EXT REC FRE .25 2T650.25(+-.008)2(+-.024)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.582
ALREC009066101 T65 EXT REC FRE TIN .248 3T650.248(+-.005)3n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a0.866
ALREC009076101 T65 EXT REC FRE TIN .248 3.38T650.248(+-.005)3.38n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a0.9757
ALREC009086101 T65 EXT REC FRE TIN .248 4T650.248(+-.005)4n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a1.1547
ALREC009106101 T65 EXT REC FRE TIN .248 6T650.248(+-.005)6n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a1.732
ALREC009126101 T65 EXT REC FRE .25 3T650.25n/a3n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.8574
ALREC009276101 T65 EXT REC FRE TIN .248 1.5T650.248(+-.005)1.5n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a0.433
ALREC009286101 T65 EXT REC FRE TIN .248 2T650.248(+-.005)2n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a0.5773
ALREC009386101 T65 EXT REC FRE 0.25 5T650.25n/a5n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a1.455
ALREC009396101 T65 EXT REC FRE TIN .25 1T650.25n/a1n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a0.291
ALREC009456101 T61 EXT REC FRE TIN .125 4T610.125(+-.007)4(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a0.582
ALREC009576101 T6 EXT REC SQE 1.75 7.5 149T61.75n/a7.5n/aSquare EdgeExtrudedn/an/a15.2775
ALREC009656101 T61 EXT REC FRE .125 4T610.125(+-.007)4(+-.034)Full Round EdgeExtrudedn/an/a0.582
ALREC009866101 T61 EXT REC FRE TIN .188 4T610.188n/a4n/aFull Round EdgeExtrudedTinnedn/a0.8753
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