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Rectangular - 2024 Aluminum

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Item #Item NameTemperThicknessThickness-ToleranceWidthWidth ToleranceManufacturing MethodRef weight per foot
ALREC000082024 T351 CF REC 0.5 4T3510.5(+-.002)4(+-.010)Cold Finished2.4
ALREC000172024 T851 CF REC 3.5 4.5T8513.5n/a4.5n/aCold Finished18.9
ALREC000202024 T351 CF REC 0.75 2.5T3510.75(+-.0025)2.5(+-.008)Cold Finished2.25
ALREC000222024 T4 CF REC 0.25 0.75T40.25(+-.002)0.75(+-.0025)Cold Finished0.225
ALREC000322024 T351 CF REC 1.25 2T3511.25(+-.003)2(+-.005)Cold Finished3
ALREC000342024 T4 CF REC 0.25 0.625T40.25(+-.002)0.625n/aCold Finished0.1875
ALREC000402024 T351 CF REC 1 4T3511(+-.0025)4(+-.010)Cold Finished4.8
ALREC000712024 T351 CF REC 2 2.5T3512(+-.005)2.5(+-.008)Cold Finished6
ALREC000882024 T351 CF REC 3 4.5T3513(+-.008)4.5(+-.015)Cold Finished16.2
ALREC001002024 T351 CF REC 1.5 4T3511.5(+-.003)4(+-.010)Cold Finished7.2
ALREC001372024 T351 CF REC 1.25 3T3511.25(+-.003)3(+-.008)Cold Finished4.5
ALREC001442024 T351 CF REC 1.5 2.5T3511.5(+-.003)2.5(+-.008)Cold Finished4.5
ALREC001462024 T351 CF REC 0.625 1T3510.625(+-.0025)1(+-.0025)Cold Finished0.75
ALREC001542024 T3511 EXT REC 0.394 3.15T35110.394n/a3.15n/aExtruded1.4893
ALREC001582024 T851 CF REC 4 6T8514n/a6n/aCold Finished28.8
ALREC001642024 T351 CF REC 0.5 2.5T3510.5(+-.002)2.5(+-.008)Cold Finished1.5
ALREC001842024 T4 CF REC 0.375 1T40.375(+-.002)1(+-.0025)Cold Finished0.45
ALREC001952024 T4 CF REC 0.375 1.25T40.375(+-.002)1.25(+-.003)Cold Finished0.5625
ALREC002062024 T351 CF REC 0.5 1.25T3510.5(+-.002)1.25(+-.003)Cold Finished0.75
ALREC002102024 T351 CF REC 2 3.5T3512(+-.005)3.5(+-.010)Cold Finished8.4
ALREC002112024 T351 CF REC 3 4T3513(+-.008)4(+-.010)Cold Finished14.4
ALREC002182024 T351 CF REC 1.5 2T3511.5(+-.003)2(+-.005)Cold Finished3.6
ALREC002242024 T4 CF REC 0.3125 1.5T40.3125(+-.002)1.5(+-.003)Cold Finished0.5626
ALREC002392024 T351 CF REC 2.5 4T3512.5(+-.008)4(+-.010)Cold Finished12
ALREC002402024 T351 CF REC 0.75 2T3510.75(+-.0025)2(+-.005)Cold Finished1.8
ALREC002422024 T351 CF REC 0.75 1.5T3510.75(+-.0025)1.5(+-.003)Cold Finished1.35
ALREC002432024 T4 CF REC 0.125 1T40.125(+-.002)1n/aCold Finished0.15
ALREC002442024 T351 CF REC 1 1.25T3511(+-.0025)1.25(+-.003)Cold Finished1.5
ALREC002472024 T4 CF REC 0.1875 0.5T40.1875(+-.002)0.5(+-.002)Cold Finished0.1126
ALREC002482024 T851 CF REC 2 3T8512n/a3n/aCold Finished7.2
ALREC002582024 T351 CF REC 3 6T3513(+-.008)6(+-.030)Cold Finished21.6
ALREC002592024 T351 CF REC 2 4T3512(+-.005)4(+-.010)Cold Finished9.6
ALREC002822024 T351 CF REC 0.75 1.75T3510.75(+-.0025)1.75(+-.003)Cold Finished1.575
ALREC002932024 T351 CF REC 0.75 3T3510.75(+-.0025)3(+-.008)Cold Finished2.7
ALREC002942024 T351 CF REC 0.75 1T3510.75(+-.0025)1(+-.0025)Cold Finished0.9
ALREC002952024 T351 CF REC 1 1.5T3511(+-.0025)1.5(+-.003)Cold Finished1.8
ALREC002962024 T351 CF REC 2.5 3T3512.5(+-.008)3(+-.008)Cold Finished9
ALREC003002024 T351 CF REC 0.5 0.75T3510.5(+-.002)0.75(+-.0025)Cold Finished0.45
ALREC003032024 T351 CF REC 1 2T3511(+-.0025)2(+-.005)Cold Finished2.4
ALREC003092024 T851 CF REC 3 4.5T8513n/a4.5n/aCold Finished16.2
ALREC003342024 T351 CF REC 0.5 1.5T3510.5(+-.002)1.5(+-.003)Cold Finished0.9
ALREC003352024 T351 CF REC 0.625 1.5T3510.625(+-.0025)1.5(+-.003)Cold Finished1.125
ALREC003792024 T351 CF REC 1.125 2.75T3511.125n/a2.75n/aCold Finished3.7125
ALREC004582024 T4 CF REC 0.1875 1T40.1875(+-.002)1n/aCold Finished0.225
ALREC005042024 T351 CF REC 2 4T3512(+-.005)4(+-.01)Cold Finished9.6
ALREC005372024 T851 CF REC 2 4T8512n/a4n/aCold Finished9.6
ALREC005412024 T4 CF REC 0.25 0.5T40.25(+-.002)0.5(+-.002)Cold Finished0.15
ALREC005752024 T351 CF REC 1.75 4T3511.75(+-.005)4(+-.010)Cold Finished8.4
ALREC005782024 T4 CF REC 0.3125 0.625T40.3125n/a0.625n/aCold Finished0.2367
ALREC005802024 T3511 EXT REC 1.625 2.75T35111.625(+-.014)2.75(+-.024)Extruded5.3625
ALREC005952024 T4 CF REC 0.1875 0.75T40.1875n/a0.75n/aCold Finished0.1704
ALREC006342024 T3511 EXT REC 1 1.125T35111n/a1.125n/aExtruded1.35
ALREC006932024 T351 CF REC 1.5 3T3511.5(+-.003)3(+-.008)Cold Finished5.4
ALREC007152024 T351 CF REC 1.25 1.75T3511.25(+-.003)1.75(+-.003)Cold Finished2.6513
ALREC007172024 T351 CF REC 1 2.5T3511(+-.0025)2.5(+-.008)Cold Finished3
ALREC007182024 T351 CF REC 0.625 2T3510.625(+-.0025)2(+-.005)Cold Finished1.5
ALREC007192024 T351 CF REC 1 3.5T3511(+-.0025)3.5(+-.010)Cold Finished4.2
ALREC007212024 T351 CF REC 2 3T3512(+-.005)3(+-.008)Cold Finished7.2
ALREC007252024 T351 CF REC 1.25 1.5T3511.25(+-.003)1.5(+-.003)Cold Finished2.25
ALREC007272024 T4 CF REC 0.375 1.5T40.375(+-.002)1.5(+-.003)Cold Finished0.675
ALREC007312024 T351 CF REC 3 5T3513(+-.008)5(+-.015)Cold Finished18
ALREC007322024 T351 CF REC 0.5 2T3510.5(+-.002)2(+-.005)Cold Finished1.2
ALREC007512024 T351 CF REC 4 4.5T3514(+-.010)4.5(+-.015)Cold Finished21.6
ALREC007612024 T3511 EXT REC 1.75 2.25T35111.75(+-.014)2.25(+-.024)Extruded4.725
ALREC007712024 T351 CF REC 0.5 3T3510.5(+-.002)3(+-.008)Cold Finished1.8
ALREC007722024 T351 CF REC 1 6T3511(+-.0025)6(+-.030)Cold Finished7.2
ALREC007832024 T4 CF REC 0.25 1T40.25(+-.002)1(+-.0025)Cold Finished0.3
ALREC007932024 T4 CF REC 0.25 1.25T40.25(+-.002)1.25(+-.003)Cold Finished0.375
ALREC007942024 T4 CF REC 0.375 0.5T40.375(+-.002)0.5(+-.002)Cold Finished0.225
ALREC008012024 T351 CF REC 1 1.75T3511(+-.0025)1.75(+-.005)Cold Finished2.1
ALREC008042024 T351 CF REC 1 3T3511(+-.0025)3(+-.008)Cold Finished3.6
ALREC008072024 T351 CF REC 1.25 2.5T3511.25(+-.003)2.5(+-.008)Cold Finished3.75
ALREC008112024 T351 CF REC 1.75 3T3511.75(+-.005)3(+-.008)Cold Finished6.3
ALREC008212024 T4 CF REC 0.3125 0.75T40.3125(+-.002)0.75(+-.0025)Cold Finished0.2813
ALREC008232024 T351 CF REC 0.5 1T3510.5(+-.002)1(+-.0025)Cold Finished0.6
ALREC008412024 T4 CF REC 0.25 1.5T40.25(+-.002)1.5(+-.003)Cold Finished0.45
ALREC008482024 T4 CF REC 0.375 3T40.375(+-.002)3(+-.003)Cold Finished1.35
ALREC008492024 T4 CF REC 0.1875 1.5T40.1875(+-.002)1.5(+-.003)Cold Finished0.3375
ALREC008562024 T4 CF REC 0.25 2T40.25(+-.002)2(+-.005)Cold Finished0.6
ALREC008602024 T351 CF REC 0.75 1.25T3510.75(+-.0025)1.25(+-.003)Cold Finished1.125
ALREC008652024 T4 CF REC 0.375 2T40.375(+-.002)2(+-.005)Cold Finished0.9
ALREC008892024 T851 CF REC 3 5T8513n/a5n/aCold Finished18
ALREC008902024 T4 CF REC 0.375 0.75T40.375(+-.002)0.75(+-.0025)Cold Finished0.3375
ALREC008972024 T851 CF REC 2.25 3T8512.25n/a3n/aCold Finished8.1
ALREC009332024 T351 CF REC 1.125 1.75T3511.125(+-.0025)1.75n/aCold Finished2.3625
ALREC009472024 T4 CF REC .375 .625T40.375(+-.012)0.625(+-.012)Cold Finished0.2813
ALREC009662024 T4 CF REC 0.25 0.875T40.25n/a0.875n/aCold Finished0.2625
ALREC009792024 T351 CF REC 0.25 2.5T3510.25(+-.002)2.5(+-.008)Cold Finished0.75
ALREC010522024 T351 CF REC 4 5T3514(+-.010)5(+-.015)Cold Finished24.24
ALREC010542024 T3511 EXT REC 2.5 4.0T35112.5(+-.024)4(+-.034)Extruded12.12
ALREC010782024 T851 CF REC 3 4T8513(+-.008)4(+-.010)Cold Finished14.4
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