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I Beam - 6061 Aluminum

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Item #Item NameTemperHeightWidthThicknessManufacturing MethodRef weight per foot
ALI000016061 T6 EXTAAS I 3.5 5 0.19T653.50.19Extruded Alum Assoc Stnd3.7
ALI000026061 T6 EXTAAS I 4 6 0.23T6640.23Extruded Alum Assoc Stnd4.159
ALI000036061 T6 EXTAS I 2.509 3 0.349T632.5090.349Extruded American Standard2.591
ALI000046061 T6 EXTAS I 4 8 0.27T6840.27Extruded American Standard6.348
ALI000056061 T6 EXTAAS I 4 6 0.21T6640.21Extruded Alum Assoc Stnd4.692
ALI000066061 T6 EXTAS I 2.66 4 0.19T642.660.19Extruded American Standard2.644
ALI000076061 T6 EXTAAS I 6 10 0.29T61060.29Extruded Alum Assoc Stnd10.286
ALI000086061 T6 EXTAAS I 2.5 3 0.15T632.50.15Extruded Alum Assoc Stnd2.03
ALI000096061 T6 EXTAAS I 5 8 0.25T6850.25Extruded Alum Assoc Stnd7.023
ALI000106061 T6 EXTAS I 3.33 6 0.23T663.330.23Extruded American Standard4.302
ALI000116061 T6 EXTAS I 2.796 4 0.326T642.7960.326Extruded American Standard3.283
ALI000126061 T6 EXTAS I 3 5 0.21T6530.21Extruded American Standard3.43
ALI000206061 T6 EXTAAS I 4 6 0.19T6640.19Extruded Alum Assoc Stnd4.03
ALI000216061 T6 EXTAAS I 5 8 0.23T6850.23Extruded Alum Assoc Stnd6.181
ALI000226061 T6 EXTAAS I 2.5 3 0.13T632.50.13Extruded Alum Assoc Stnd1.637
ALI000236061 T6 EXTAS I 2.33 3 0.17T632.330.17Extruded American Standard1.963
ALI000246061 T6 EXTAAS I 3 4 0.17T6430.17Extruded Alum Assoc Stnd2.793
ALI000256061 T6 EXTAAS I 6 10 0.25T61060.25Extruded Alum Assoc Stnd8.646
ALI000266061 T6 EXTAS I 3.443 6 0.343T663.4430.343Extruded American Standard5.099
ALI000276061 T6 EXTAAS I 7 12 0.31T61270.31Extruded Alum Assoc Stnd14.292
ALI000286061 T6 EXTAAS I 7 12 0.29T61270.29Extruded Alum Assoc Stnd11.51
ALI000306061 T6 EXTAS I 3.284 5.0 .494 300T653.2840.494Extruded American Standard5.098
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