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Hexagonal - 2011 Aluminum

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Item #Item NameTemperThicknessThickness-ToleranceManufacturing MethodRef weight per foot
ALHEX000082011 T3 CF HEX 1.625 (+-.005)T31.625(+-.005)Cold Finished2.8012
ALHEX000172011 T3 CF HEX 0.75 (+-.0025)T30.75(+-.0025)Cold Finished0.5967
ALHEX000232011 T3 CF HEX 1.25 (+-.003)T31.25(+-.003)Cold Finished1.6575
ALHEX000322011 T3 CF HEX 0.3125 (+-.002)T30.3125(+-.002)Cold Finished0.1036
ALHEX000332011 T3 CF HEX 1.5 (+-.003)T31.5(+-.003)Cold Finished2.3868
ALHEX000342011 T3 CF HEX 0.4375 (+-.002)T30.4375(+-.002)Cold Finished0.203
ALHEX000352011 T3 CF HEX 0.5 (+-.002)T30.5(+-.002)Cold Finished0.2652
ALHEX000412011 T3 CF HEX 2 (+-.005)T32(+-.005)Cold Finished4.2432
ALHEX000472011 T3 CF HEX 0.9375 (+-.0025)T30.9375(+-.0025)Cold Finished0.9323
ALHEX000482011 T3 CF HEX 1.75 (+-.005)T31.75(+-.005)Cold Finished3.2487
ALHEX000502011 T3 CF HEX 0.8125 (+-.0025)T30.8125(+-.0025)Cold Finished0.7003
ALHEX000572011 T3 CF HEX 0.25 (+-.002)T30.25(+-.002)Cold Finished0.0663
ALHEX000742011 T3 CF HEX 1.375 (+-.003)T31.375(+-.003)Cold Finished2.0056
ALHEX000902011 T3 CF HEX 1.125 (+-.003)T31.125(+-.003)Cold Finished1.3426
ALHEX001342011 T3 CF HEX 0.375 (+-.002)T30.375(+-.002)Cold Finished0.1492
ALHEX001622011 T3 CF HEX 0.875 (+-.0025)T30.875(+-.0025)Cold Finished0.8122
ALHEX001872011 T3 CF HEX 0.1875 (+-.002)T30.1875(+-.002)Cold Finished0.0373
ALHEX001922011 T3 CF HEX 0.5625 (+-.0025)T30.5625(+-.0025)Cold Finished0.3356
ALHEX001932011 T3 CF HEX 1 (+-.0025)T31(+-.0025)Cold Finished1.0608
ALHEX002142011 T3 CF HEX 1.5 (+-.003)T31.5(+-.003)Cold Finished2.3868
ALHEX002172011 T3 CF HEX 0.6875 (+-.0025)T30.6875(+-.0025)Cold Finished0.5014
ALHEX002302011 T3 CF HEX 0.625 (+-.0025)T30.625(+-.0025)Cold Finished0.4144
ALHEX002742011 T3 CF HEX .3438T30.3438n/aCold Finished0.1254
ALHEX002812011 T3 CF HEX 1.875 (+-.005)T31.875(+-.005)Cold Finished3.7294
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