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Custom Shape - 6101 Aluminum

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Item #Item NameTemperProfile #Manufacturing MethodCorner TypeFinishSurfaceText 1Text 2Text 3Ref weight per foot
ALCUS000226101 T6511 EXT CUS SEC#531574T6511SEC#531574Extrudedn/an/an/aXn/an/a4.336
ALCUS000246101 T65 CUS .25 X 1 (.201 HOLE +0-.002)T65n/aExtrudedFull Round Edgen/aTinned.25 X 1 (.201 HOLE +0-.002)n/an/a0.2598
ALCUS000406101 T65 CUS .25 X 1 (.173 HOLE +0-.001)T65n/aExtrudedFull Round Edgen/aTinned.25 X 1 (.173 HOLE +0-.001)n/an/a0.264
ALCUS000446101 T6 EXT CUS SEC#765A463H01T6SEC#765A463H01Extrudedn/an/an/a.n/an/a5.753
ALCUS000616101 T6511 EXT CUS SEC#531573T6511SEC#531573Extrudedn/an/an/a.n/an/a3.39
ALCUS000636101 T65 CUS .25 X 1.5(.229 HOLE+0-.002)T65n/aExtrudedFull Round EdgeBrightTinned.25 X 1.5 (.229 HOLE +0-.002)n/an/a0.4
ALCUS000726101 T6511 EXT CUS SEC#531575T6511SEC#531575Extrudedn/an/an/a Xn/an/a3.741
ALCUS001116101 T65 CUS .25 X 1.5(.281 HOLE+0-.002)T65n/aExtrudedFull Round EdgeBrightTinned.25 X 1.5 (.281 HOLE +0-.002)n/an/a0.3955
ALCUS001126101 T65 CUS .25 X 2 (.229 HOLE +-.001)T65n/aExtrudedFull Round EdgeBrightTinned.25 X 2 (.229 HOLE +-.001)n/an/a0.5813
ALCUS001316101 T6 EXT CUS SEC#537660T6SEC#537660Extrudedn/an/an/a.n/an/a13.014
ALCUS002106101 T6511 EXT CUS SEC#542313T6511SEC#542313Extrudedn/an/an/a.n/an/a8.782
ALCUS002976101 T6 EXT CUS SEC#765A464H02T6SEC#765A464H02Extrudedn/an/an/a.n/an/a11.046
ALCUS004226101 T65 CUS .25 X 2 (.312 HOLE +-.005)T65n/aExtrudedFull Round Edgen/aTinned.25 X 2 (.312 HOLE +-.005)n/an/a0.5561
ALCUS004456101 T6511 EXT CUS SEC#542314 84"T6511SEC#542314Extrudedn/an/an/aXn/an/a9.439
ALCUS004576101 T65 CUS .25 X 3 (.229 HOLE +-.001)T65n/aExtrudedFull Round Edgen/aTinned.25 X 3 (.229 HOLE +-.001)n/an/a0.873
ALCUS004586101 T65 CUS .25 X 3 (.312 HOLE +-.005)T65n/aExtrudedFull Round EdgeBrightTinned.25 X 3 (.312 HOLE +-.005)n/an/a0.8511
ALCUS005936101 T6 EXT CUS DIE #568875 X 139"T6DIE #568875Extrudedn/an/an/aCUST PT C11969705800 Xn/an/a0.719
ALCUS005946101 T6 EXT CUS DIE #568876 X 139"T6DIE #568876Extrudedn/an/an/aCUST PT C11910708800 Xn/an/a0.719
ALCUS00621EATON 6101 T61 CUS 42C1415-H09T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN42C1415-H09 X1.746
ALCUS00622EATON 6101 T61 CUS 42C1415-H13T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN42C1415-H13 X1.746
ALCUS00623EATON 6101 T61 CUS 42C1416-H09T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN42C1416-H09 X1.746
ALCUS00624EATON 6101 T61 CUS 6566C11-H01T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN6566C11-H01 X1.746
ALCUS00625EATON 6101 T61 CUS 6566C12-H01T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN6566C12-H01 X1.746
ALCUS00626EATON 6101 T61 CUS 6566C14-H01T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN6566C14-H01 X1.455
ALCUS00627EATON 6101 T61 CUS 6566C24-H01T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN6566C24-H01 X0.873
ALCUS00628EATON 6101 T61 CUS 6566C24-H03T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN6566C24-H03 X0.873
ALCUS00629EATON 6101 T61 CUS 6566C24-H07T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN6566C24-H07 X0.873
ALCUS00630EATON 6101 T61 CUS 6566C24-H09T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN6566C24-H09 X0.873
ALCUS00631EATON 6101 T61 CUS 6735S39-H01T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN6735S39-H01 X0.873
ALCUS00632EATON 6101 T61 CUS 6735S39-H03T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN6735S39-H03 X0.873
ALCUS00633EATON 6101 T61 CUS 6735S71-H05T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN6735S71-H05 X1.164
ALCUS00634EATON 6101 T61 CUS 6735S71-H06T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN6735S71-H06 X1.164
ALCUS00635EATON 6101 T61 CUS 6735S71-H07T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN6735S71-H07 X0.873
ALCUS00636EATON 6101 T61 CUS 6735S71-H08T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN6735S71-H08 X0.873
ALCUS00637EATON 6101 T61 CUS 6735S71-H09T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN6735S71-H09 X0.873
ALCUS00638EATON 6101 T61 CUS 6735S71-H21T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN6735S71-H21 X1.746
ALCUS00639EATON 6101 T61 CUS 6735S71-H22T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN6735S71-H22 X1.746
ALCUS00640EATON 6101 T61 CUS 6735S71-H23T61n/aExtrudedn/an/an/aFABRICATED ALUMINUM BARALUM PRE-PLATED TIN6735S71-H23 X1.746
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